News and Updates

CAUGHT UP AGAIN - 3/1/2019

We're very happy to say that after 2 months of extra effort, we have worked through our backlog and are back to normal service. New overhauls left with us will take around 4-6 weeks to complete. So, if you've been holding off sending in work, then now is a good time to send it in to us - before the summer busy period starts.

NEW PRICES - 4/12/2018

Please note that we have had to increase most of our prices due to ever increasing costs. However, we have held these increases to a minimum...

POSSIBLE DELAYS - 12/10/2017

I'm recovering well after my stroke last year and my work has returned to the normal rate. However I am just about to go in for surgery on my other shoulder, which may lengthen the repair queue for a time. If all goes to plan things should return to normal within a few months.


Having suffered a stroke last month, I am hopeful of making a full recovery in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, however, I'm afraid this will result in all repairs taking longer than forecast - some by several weeks. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

NEW WEBSITE - 30/8/2016

We have just completed changes to our website to freshen up it's look and make it mobile-friendly. A much larger percentage of internet users are visiting this website from mobile devices than ever before, and we feel it is important to make the site as user friendly for them as possible. All of our original content has been maintained, the site just has a new theme.

OPERATION - 13/6/2016

Please note that I am now recovering from a recent operation on my shoulder which is preventing me from undertaking certain physical tasks! However, please be assured that Jamie, Elaine and I will do everything we can to get your repairs back to you as speedily as possible - but there will be some inevitable delay. If this is a problem for you, please let me know. Thank you for your understanding....


Please note that I am soon to undergo an operation on my shoulder. Depending on how my recovery goes, this COULD delay the return of your repair(s) by several weeks. If this is a problem for you, please let me know.

OUR SPECIALITY - 17/1/2013

I am often asked which items I prefer to work on. I think I would have to say that I prefer to work on watches built in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Not only were these watches generally manufactured to a very high standard, but we also carry a vast stock of spares from that time period to assist us with repairs...


Before sending your watches to us, please note that we do not value watches, restore dials or polish / refurbish / re-plate cases and bracelets. We are repairers rather than restorers. Also, we no longer repair or service any ROLEX or TUDOR watches, AUTOMATIC chronographs or KEY-WOUND pocket and fob watches.

PARCEL LIMITS - 31/7/2010

In order that we can help as many customers as possible each month, we ask that you limit the number of clocks / watches in any one parcel to a maximum of THREE. Further parcels can be sent once the repairs in the first parcel are completed and paid for.

OLD FAITHFUL - 22/3/2009

Many clock and watch repairers around today repair only expensive or modern brands. We are different! Even if your "Old Faithful" clock or watch is a very old one or a very inexpensive brand, we realise that such items often have real value to you, because of their association either with you or one of your relatives. We are happy to repair any such items, depending of course on the availability of spare parts, etc..


We are no longer able to offer this service to our customers. All watches received by us will, of course, have their case seals renewed as instructed by the owner. However, the effectiveness of any such seals can no longer be guaranteed.

NEW POLICY - 10/3/2008

Regrettably, we can no longer offer our services to 'Dealers', (those who buy watches and clocks purely to re-sell them) or other clock and watch repairers, retailers or traders, but will now concentrate solely on customers who actually make personal daily use of the items sent into us for repair.

WANTED! - 27/7/2007

We are always looking for donations of any old clocks, watches, parts or tools that are about to be thrown out - they are of very real use to us, no matter what the condition! We will gladly pay postage or arrange collection where possible. So please keep us in mind when clearing out that loft, ok?


Jamie Swift will be joining us as a member of staff on July 2nd working as a trainee horologist and general factotum. Jamie is also our webmaster and has just finished the creation of our new website.

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