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CLOSED FRIDAY 19th - 08/06/2022

Please note, we will be closed on Friday 19th of August. We will reopen as normal on Tuesday 23rd August.

NEW OPENING HOURS - 08/06/2022

The length of our repair queue has grown dramatically recently. Starting from next week, the shop will now only be open to the public Tuesdays to Fridays. This will allow me some uninterrupted time each week to try and catch up on the extra work.


Since January we have been using a system to photo-document the repairs we carry out for future reference (for instance when providing support via phone), and it has already proved to be very helpful. From today, I'm please to let you know that receipts/invoices will contain a passcode which customers can use to access their photos online, via the My Photos page.


Today Michael started his well earned retirement after over 46 years repairing clocks and watches. He wishes to thank all our customers for their valuable custom and friendship over the years.

My father has kindly left the business to me, and I'll do my best to make him proud. Thank you Dad for all the training, guidance, and friendship you have given me over our 16 years together.

As we announced earlier in the year, I will be specialising the business to focus on clock servicing and repair. We will still continue to accept watches for smaller jobs like replacement of straps, cells, crystals, movements, and crowns. Please phone before sending any items to us to ensure we still offer the service you require.

Thank you to all the customers who have written or stopped by to wish my father well in his retirement, and for your words of support in my new role running the business.

James Swift


Please note, our email address has changed to [email protected].


Please note that we no longer service or repair anniversary clocks (ball clocks).

NEW WEBSITE - 30/8/2016

We have just completed changes to our website to freshen up it's look and make it mobile-friendly. A much larger percentage of internet users are visiting this website from mobile devices than ever before, and we feel it is important to make the site as user friendly for them as possible. All of our original content has been maintained, the site just has a new theme.


Before sending your watches to us, please note that we do not do valuations, restore dials or polish / refurbish / re-plate cases and bracelets. We are repairers rather than restorers.

OLD FAITHFUL - 22/3/2009

Many clock and watch repairers around today repair only expensive or modern brands. We are different! Even if your "Old Faithful" clock or watch is a very old one or a very inexpensive brand, we realise that such items often have real value to you, because of their association either with you or one of your relatives. We are happy to repair any such items, depending of course on the availability of spare parts, etc..


We are no longer able to offer this service to our customers. All watches received by us will, of course, have their case seals inspected and renewed if needed. However, the effectiveness of any such seals can no longer be guaranteed.

WANTED! - 27/7/2007

We are always looking for donations of any old clocks, watches, parts or tools that are about to be thrown out - they are of very real use to us, no matter what the condition! We will gladly pay postage or arrange collection where possible. So please keep us in mind when clearing out that loft, ok?


James Swift will be joining us as a member of staff on July 2nd working as a trainee horologist and general factotum. James is also our webmaster and has just finished the creation of our new website.

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