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Our Services / Price Guide

With a huge stock of spare parts which we have accumulated over more than 40 years in business, we are able to repair nearly all clocks customers leave in our care. All our clock overhauls are fully guaranteed for one year.

Our well equipped workshop means that many old or missing parts can often be repaired, refurbished or even remade! We are more than happy to carry out even the smallest job - just ask!

We provide a free estimate for every repair, as well as advice on what repairs - if any - are actually needed. Carriage clocks, wall clocks, Grandfather clocks, chiming clocks ... you name it and we will be happy to give it our careful and experienced attention!

With so much work in hand, we operate a repair queue which varies in length throughout the year - please contact us to get an estimate of how long it is at present or to book a slot now and bring your clock in later. We are more than happy to give free advice at any time, please feel free to phone or email us with any enquiry.

We find that customers who have never had a clock repaired before are sometimes anxious about contacting a repairer. Please be assured that our goal is to put you at ease, and help you solve whatever the problem with your timepiece is. We have included our price guide below to give you an idea in advance of what you might expect to pay, but once we have been able to inspect your timepiece we will always give a clear explanation of what our recommended work involves, the maximum it could cost to carry out, and what the expected time frame is before accepting any job. We won't pressure you to decide on the spot, but will happily encourage you to take a few days to consider your options if you are unsure. Why not give us a call, send us an email, or pop in the shop for a friendly chat and see how we might be able to help you.

Please note: We no longer offer repair services on: anniversary/ball clocks, atmos clocks, clocks with movements manufactured by Franz Hermle/FHS, and on certain types of pin-pallet clocks. If in doubt, please give us a quick call to find out.

A clock movement being assembled
Overhaul 8 day clock £125.00
Overhaul striking clock £165.00
Overhaul chiming clock £195.00
Overhaul striking and repeating carriage clock £225.00
Overhaul longcase clock movement £350.00
New glass £25.00
New Key £11.90
Replace existing battery movement £19.50
A clock in the middle of an overhaul
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